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  • How do I create a Max Redemption Account?
    Visit any participating Max Redemption website and select Max Redemption from their checkout cart to start the registration process.
  • How do I add money to my Max Redemption account?
    Money can be added from any participating merchants site by adding products to your cart, then choosing Max Redemption from their payment options. Your balance can then be used at any participating merchant.
  • I have a question about my order?
    As a security layer provider, we do not have any information about the products or services you may have purchased with your Max Redemption e-Gift Certificate. Please contact the merchant you spent your Max Redemption funds with for any product, delivery, or service-related questions. If you have contacted the merchant about your order and they are not helpful please let us know immediately.
  • I have two email receipts for a transaction. Did I get charged twice?
    No. You’ll notice there are 2 different transaction numbers. We provide you a transaction notification when you purchase a Maxload Pack, and one when you redeem it.
  • How do I check my account balance?
    To check your account balance you can login to Max Redemption using the link below or through a particpating merchants shopping cart during the ceckout process. You will need to know the email and password you created. Note: If you have purchased a load pack and for some reason did not complete the transaction you started, you may need to first redeem the load pack to your account in order for it to reflect in your balance. Please return to the shoping cart of the website you were on, and complete your transaction using the Max Redemption option, where you can redeem it instantly and then easily complete your purchase.

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