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How It Works

Join more than 430,000 happy users and counting!
Simply Choose MAX At Checkout!

Example of Max Redemption integrated into a merchant's Shopping Cart.

How It Works

Seemless Checkout Process

To participate, simply select Max Redemption on a participating retailer's website as shown and follow the prompts during checkout. First-time users will be asked to confirm their address, and date of birth and will receive a security confirmation text message to verify a phone number and last 4 of social as well. This info is not shared or sold to anyone. This single real verification will work across many websites so when you see Max Redemption at checkout you and the merchant are assured of privacy and security.


Benefits of Using Max Redemption

Security, Privacy, and Transparency Every Step Of The Way!

Verified Customers & Companies

Delivering verification of age, identity, and location for merchants while protecting customers from buying from fraudulent suppliers.  Customers can be sure that their products will arrive, and merchants can feel safe fulfilling orders for age or location-restricted items.

No Minimum Balance Required

Purchase a Max Redemption Load Pack and use your Max Redemption funds at any participating retailer that accepts it. For your convenience, we help you by integrating our service directly into the retailer’s checkout process so you can safely add the exact amount you need.

Airtight Security

+ Added Privacy

With a 256Bit SSL security layer behind every transaction, and over 50 points of identity verification, (including deposit verification in some cases) we provide merchants with peace of mind, while eliminating customer statement privacy concerns.


Happy Customers

I am so glad that I can just use my credit card again to checkout and that i don't have to use a money order or Venmo or CashApp. My CashApp has issues and I cancelled my bank account so I don't have Zelle. I use prepaid visa's for online purchases but it has been challenging for me when i could not use them to get what i need. 

Don Fry

I never thought about how merchants manage to verify age and geographic restrictions for their customers, but my old supplier lost credit cards for their site and maybe that is why. Thanks for putting this service out, it was simple and easy and seemed super secure and reasonable. Props to the development team.  

Randy Felder

Happy to be able to just use my credit card again. Seems like lots of sites lost credit cards for a while and oddly dont even take PayPal either.  This only took an extra minute and was super easy. I will recommend it to other sites that are only taking Cashapp or Venmo as well.  Even though i paid a couple dollars extra convenience was totally worth it. 

Timothy Leadon

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that
businesses deserve opportunity and protection!

Online merchants need a secure option to validate and process their customer transactions and reduce online fraud.  Max Redemption does this without burdening the merchant, providing them with customers who have already been authenticated using multiple layers of security protocol.  Do you offer age restricted products?  Our Age Verification module can help ensure that you are in compliance."

Want to become a Max Redemption Partner?

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